Technology Transfer

The Research and Technology Transfer department at JGU provides active support during the course of these processes and acts as interface between science and business. It is thus the central point of contact between companies and the university. The tasks and responsibilities of an operating technology transfer include the management of cooperation negotiations between companies, associations, local authorities, academia, and science as well as an active participation in the design and negotiation of individual contracts. You will find important documents in the downloadcenter.

Inventions and Patents

According to federal law, inventors at universities have had to notify their superiors, i.e., the university, of their inventions. Please use the form for invention disclosure provided (see Download or the downloadcenter) and forward it via internal mail to the Technology Transfer Office. You will receive a written notification of whether the university will claim the invention or release it within four months at the latest.

Cooperation with Companies or other Partners outside Academia

The Technology Transfer Office will provide you with consultation and collaborative assistance during contract drafting of F&E projects with industry or other partners outside academia. This particularly includes content and legal reviews (in cooperation with the Legal Affairs Office) of research contracts/agreements such as F&E contracts, joint projects, non-disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements (MTA) as well as advice concerning intellectual property rights (pre-existing proprietary rights, new proprietary rights, inventions).

All contracts and agreements closed with third-party funding organizations are to be signed by the university president. As contract reviews always take some time to complete, we kindly ask you to contact the Technology Transfer Office as early as possible. Please also consider that an additional time interval must be anticipated for possible negotiations concerning contract drafts.