Internal University Research Funding

Travelcosts to international conferences can funded for Ph.D. students and graduated research assistants.
All other central funding is limited to graduated scientists. For further information about funding during your graduation, please refer to the Portal Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs for young researchers.

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) funds a large range of internal research projects and initiatives. Overall, a total of approximately € 2.2 million is provided for successful proposals submitted to the respective lines of funding. The central aims of basic funding taken from university budgetary resources are to:

  • strengthen key profile areas and identify new future-oriented research fields at JGU
  • increase third-party funding
  • enhance the appeal of the university for young academic researchers
  • increase the percentage of female academic researchers
  • improve international networking and the visibility of JGU

Individual counseling and support is provided by the Research and Technology Transfer staff unit. Please do not hesitate to take a look at the Downloadcenter for an overview of the funding lines as well as a template of the application form and additional information and instructions regarding applications and the selection procedure. Please read carefully in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes in your application.

Deadlines for sumission by employees of the University and the University Medical Center

Submissiondate University
More than 15.000 €
Medical Center
More than
15.000 €
Less than 15.000 €
Mon, 1:00 PM
Mon, 1:00 PM

Mon, 1:00 PM

Extended to 20.07.2020

Mon, 1:00 PM
No applications can be submitted

Backdated applications will not be accepted, please submit these forms beforehand. This applies always and explicetly for, as example, conferences attended in December.

All researchers at JGU Mainz are entitled to submit applications. Please provide an additional copy of the application to the responsible deanship.

For applications involving a specific faculty, e.g., when teaching duties have to be assumed by a third party, an agreement with the respective deanship is a prerequisite for the application. Failure to do so will result in delayed processing of the application or exclusion from the application process. In order to prevent double funding, applications in the scientific field of a Top-Level or High-potential Research Areas of JGU, must include a statement regarding possible co-financing by the respective research center/ unit. Please mark the respective field on the application form. A failure of co-financing does not diminish your chances of receiving funding for a project in "Stufe I".

  • Individuals serving are members of an elected reviewing board for funding organizations such as the German Research Foundation (DFG) can receive € 600 in financial aid. Applications may be submitted once a year. Only applicants who render reviewing services on a regular basis (i.e. several times a year) are entitled to these funds.
  • Business entertainment or payment of meals is not permitted with "Stufe I" funds.
  • Furthermore, mere "habilitation" projects and publication fees cannot be funded.
  • Once funding is approved, applicants are required to start their project promptly. A delay of over 6 months without proper justification will result in clawback of any unspent funds.
  • Applications for financial support of excursions can continue to be made via the Referat FIN 3 (Ms. Krick).

Your contact:

Dr. Amelie Scheu
Internal University research funding Stufe I
Tel +49 6131 39-37245

Your contact at the University Medical Center:

Dr. Angela Clement
Internal University research funding Stufe I
Tel +49 6131 17-9948
Internal Research Funding at the University Medical Center