European Research Council

The European Research Council provides funding for ground-breaking, innovative reserach with high risk-high gain potential. It is open to all scientific disciplines.

Funding is available in five different funding lines, which are primarily based on the experience level of the applicant:

  • ERC Starting Grant | 2-7 years after the PhD
  • ERC Consolidator Grant | 7-12 yers after the PhD
  • ERC Advanced Grant | for experienced researchers with a proven track-record
  • ERC Synergy Grant | for groups of up to four researchers, if appropriate of different career stages
  • ERC Proof of Concept | for ERC Grantees who want to transfer their results into application

Please contact the EU Office at JGU as early as possible, at least four weeks before submitting your application. Also talk to your insitute and the department eaerly on to get their support for your proposal. The EU Office will then assist you during the application process:

  • We prepare your letter for support.
  • We give feedback on your proposal and help with budget calculation.