Promotion of Third-Party Funded Research

By using internal financial resources to promote third-party funded research, Johannes Gutenberg University wants to increase its volume of third-party funds and provide support for already existing third-party funded research.

This can take place during the preliminary stage of a project through various means such as start-up funding for individual or cooperative research projects to secure third-party financing in the short to medium-term. All graduated researchers are entitled to apply.

Please note that researchers may not apply for further start-up funding until he or she has applied for external third party funding with his current start-up Funding project. The proposal für third-party-funding shall be submitted in the last quarter of the duration at the earliest. Start-up funding may not be used to bridge the gap to the decision of the third-party funders.

For start-up Funding of RMU-Projects please refer to the RMU-Homepage. Use the form for internal funding for scientific projects of University members in the Downloadcenter.