Our personel is working mainly from Home Office for the time being and can be reached with the normal contact information.
Our bueros are only occupied in emergency-mode but 3 working days each week someone will be present. The buildings doors are locked for the staffs protection, so reach out per eMail or phone first in all cases. Physical mail will be received normally of course.
Signings by our staff and the university management proceed normaly but can be delayed considerably depending on the situation, so reach out early if deadline have to be kept.

Deadline extensions for DFG calls
In view of the impact of the corona pandemic on the sciences, the DFG has extended the deadline for participation in a number of its current calls for proposals. Further extensions will be made as needed. Information on this subject is continuously updated at in the entries for the respective calls.

Departement for Research and Technology Transfer

Forum universitas 2
D 55128 Mainz
Tel. +49 6131 39-20739
Fax +49 6131 39-24741
Applications for Jobs, PhD and similar sent to this adress will not be considered!

Head, Research Policy

Dr. Nikolaus Bourdos
Tel. +49 6131 39-25891
Deputized by Ms. Doré
and Dr. Fuchs
Volker Kohl
Team assistant
Tel. +49 6131 39-20739
Deputized by Ms. Göhring


Julia Doré
European Liaison Officer
Tel. +49 6131 39-26865
Deputized by Dr. Birkle
Dr. Nicole Birkle
European Liaison Officer
Tel. +49 6131 39-20760
Deputized by Ms. Doré


Alexandra Fischer
Inventions, Utilization
Tel. +49 6131 39-21114
Deputized by Dr. Bourdos
Christine Göhring
Start-ups, Research marketing
Tel. +49 6131 39-24387
Deputized by Mr. Kohl
Dr. Michael Fuchs
Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz
Tel. +49 6131 39-26981

Start-ups and Spin-Offs

Contact form for businesses

Zum Patentverbund Forschung Rheinland-Pfalz



National funding: DFG, Federal Ministries, Foundations

Petra Skalecki
Natural and Lifesciences
Tel. +49 6131 39-20703
Deputized by Dr. Stockfisch
Dr. Dagmar Stockfisch
Social Sciences and Humanities
Tel. +49 6131 39-24022
Deputized by Ms. Skalecki

Internal University Research Funding

Dr. Amelie Scheu
Funding Officer
Tel. +49 6131 39-37245

Team of Research Data Experts

Dr. Anne Vieten
Tel. +49 6131 39-26730

Gutenberg Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Jeanne Ruffing
Managing Director
Tel. +49 6131 39-21115
Petra Graffert
Team assistant
Tel.+49 6131 39-21115

Consultation outside of the Department for Research and Technology Transfer

The Johannes Gutenberg-Universities Research Information System:
Gutenberg Research Elements
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Your contact for Good Scientific Practice (German)

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