Practical Tips for EU Proposal Writing and EU Project Management

The EU Office is happy to assist you in the application process. Please note:

    • When applying for an EU project, you always respond to a call for proposals. You cannot submit a proposal without a call.
    • You can find the calls for proposals in the EU portal.
    • To create or participate in an application, you need a valid account (EU Login) for the EU portal.
    • You can only submit proposals electronically via the EU portal.
    • Please identify yourself as a member of JGU each time you create or submit an application. The PIC of JGU is 999978627. The EU Office will automatically be informed about your proposal.
    • Applications are each divided into two parts and consist of online forms and the actual proposal text. You can find the template in the EU portal.
    • Please do not modify templates. Read all information in the call and in the templates. Also take note of all background information (work programme, instructions, evaluation criteria).
    • All EU calls have strict deadlines. The EU portal closes the call immediately at the deadline.
    • Until the end of the deadline you can repeatedly submit your proposal. The most recent submission will overwrite the previous version.
    • Please contact the EU Office at JGU as early as possible, at least four weeks before submitting your application.
Tips for EU Project Management
Helpful information and tips for managing your EU project can be found in our guidelines in the download center. The EU Office team is happy to answer any  questions you may have.