Practical Tips for EU Proposals

In European funding programmes, you can only submit an application in response to a call for proposals. Open calls can be found on the Participant Portal or in FIT für die Wissenschaft (only in German).

Application and PIC

for any application you need:

  • ​a confirmed personal EU-Login (formerly: ECAS-Account)
  • the JGU identification code (PIC): 999978627.
    Every usage of the PIC will automatically be reported to the EU-Office. In case of approval JGU as an institution and not the PI will be the grant holder.


  • are created, prepared, administrated and submitted electronically
    ​Please add the EU-Office as a participant contact to your proposal, so we can easily provide additional information on the institution and complete the administrative froms
  • need to be submitted before the end of the deadline (exact date and time mentioned in the call). The portal will be closed immediately afterwards
    ​Submit as early as possible. Resubmission is possible until the call is closed. Only the latest submission will be evaluated.

Calls texts und proposal text

call texts:

  • can differ significantly depending on the funding line
  • must be read carefully and criteria must be followed exactly (e. g. "expected impact")
  • can only be fully understood together with all the background information: working programme, guide for applicants, evaluation criteria ... )


  • always consist of two parts: 1) administrative online forms (Part A), 2) the proposal text (Part B), that needs to be uploaded as a PDF. ​Always download the current template before working on your application.
  • templates need to be completed exactly as outlined: page limit, margins, font size, line spacing, content of different chapters.
    Do not skip sections, do not change the order, use default headings and carefully read the explanatory comments.