Research Funding

Welcome to the Research and Technology Transfer Administrative Department. We offer services that include advice and support in the following areas:

Research funding and project administration

  • We give you information and advice on national and international research funding programmes
  • We help you file applications and with group and individual projects
  • We give you advice regarding the preparation of your funding plans
  • We provide administrative support for the establishment, implementation and budget management of third-party funded projects
  • We monitor and mentor your research and cooperation contracts until they are signed
  • We advise and support you within the framework of intra-university research funding

Planning and disseminating the research

  • We give you advice on the strategic and concept-related planning of technology and knowledge transfer
  • We give you advice regarding patents and licenses

Young Researchers

  • We give you advice and information about individual funding e.g. grants, “Eigene Stelle”
  • We give you advice regarding applications to graduate schools or other graduate programmes
  • We support you as you plan your scientific career