Young Researchers Groups

At Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, young researchers receive funding from a variety of institutions:
DFG Emmy Noether Groups ...
ERC Starting Grants ...
Young academic grants of the Carl Zeiss-foundation ...

Emmy Noether Groups (DFG)

Within the framework of the Emmy Noether Program, several young academics are currently heading their own young researchers' groups and, in so doing, are not only exercising early scientific independence but are also gaining qualifications for faculty membership.

You will find more research projects at JGU funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) here.

ERC Starting Grants

The aim of an ERC Starting grant is the set-up or the consolidation of an independent excellent research team. Young researchers may profit from this funding projects as well as established scientists.

You will find more research-projects at the JGU funded by the ERC and the EU here.

Young Academics Grants of the Carl Zeiss Foundation

The following Young Academics get funding by the Carl Zeiss Foundation:

  • Junior Prof. Dr. Marialore Sulpizi: Computersimulation in den Materialwissenschaften (2010-2014)
  • Junior Prof. Dr. Ute A. Hellmich: Membranbiochemi (2011-2015)

Apart from this, numerous stipendiaries receive funding from the Carl Zeiss Foundation, including Lecturers, Postdoctoral Fellows and Ph. D. students.

You can find a list with young researchers groups at JGU, funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation or other instituions here.

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