First step to induce self-repair in the central nervous system

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Injured axons instruct Schwann cells to build specialized actin spheres to break down and remove axon fragments, thereby starting the regeneration process ...

Ammonia emissions from agriculture can affect cloud formation over Asia

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Climate researchers solve mystery of extended aerosol layer in the atmosphere ...

Research on the sustainable conversion of lignin into valuable chemical compounds is attracting further funding

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Siegfried Waldvogel is coordinating an EU project to convert waste into sustainable compounds in collaboration with an industrial consortium ...

Tracking down dark matter

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Physicists at Mainz University intend to detect axions using a new comagnetometer configuration ...

MiLiQuant: Putting quantum technology into practice

Collaboration of businesses and universities aims to transfer technology from the lab scale to practical industrial applications ...

An ion channel with a doorkeeper: The pH of calcium ions controls ion channel opening

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Biochemists identified the structure of a ring located at the opening of the TRPML2 ion channel that can be blocked by calcium ions ...

Dental microwear provides clues to dietary habits of lepidosauria

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Microscopic images allow to differentiate between carnivores and herbivores and might support the discovery of the first herbivorous terrestrial vertebrates ...

Beewolves use a gas to preserve food

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Scientists discovered that the eggs of the European beewolf produce nitric oxide, a gas preventing the larvae's food from getting moldy in the warm and humid brood cells ...

Mainz University achieves excellent positions in the U-Multirank university ranking

JGU is represented in the international top group in terms of the number of research publications and patents ...

German Research Foundation funds new research unit examining the microstructure of adaptive polymer gels

Research alliance on "Adaptive Polymer Gels with Controlled Network Structure" will close a gap in the German research landscape ...

New interaction between thin film magnets discovered

Physicists of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz lay the foundations for new three-dimensional spin structures ...

German Research Foundation continues funding for research into the limits of weather forecast

DFG approves second funding period for Transregional Collaborative Research Center "Waves to Weather" (CRC/TRR 165) ...

The effects of the Internet on learning in higher education

RMU Initiative Funding for Research to fund educational researchers, computer scientists, linguists, and neuroscientists at the Rhine-Main Universities ...

New European project at the forefront of strong interaction studies

EU project "STRONG-2020" brings together 44 institutes from all over Europe conducting research on the strong interaction ...

New international open access journal on ancient and Christian ethics published by theologians at Mainz University

Journal aims to contribute to the dialog between ethical traditions of antiquity and current ethical discourses ...

German Research Foundation approves new research training group investigating the evolution of gene regulation

New Research Training Group "Gene Regulation in Evolution: From Molecular to Extended Phenotypes" gives a boost to Mainz University as a major center of research in the life sciences ...

Mainz University welcomes leading researchers and bestows the 2019 Gutenberg Research Award

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Annual celebration of the Gutenberg Research College / Public lectures by Corine Defrance in Mainz ...

Astroparticle physicists observe longest half-life ever directly measured

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Detector for dark matter search provides impressive measurement results / Publication in Nature ...

Driving chemical reactions with light

Chemical nature of surface molecules influences plasmon responses of metal nanoparticles ...

The power of randomization: Magnetic skyrmions for novel computer technology

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First steps towards a practical application for magnetic skyrmions ...

2019 Gutenberg Research Award for Corine Defrance

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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz honors outstanding French historian ...

Designer organelles in cells produce synthetic proteins

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Scientists create membraneless organelles to build proteins in living cells / Incorporation of synthetic amino acids allows completely new chemical functionality ...

Rhine-Main Universities undertake research into transport processes in the tropopause

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RMU Initiative Funding for Research to finance joint meteorology and climate science project of the Rhine-Main Universities ...

Professor Ugur Sahin receives German Cancer Award 2019

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Prestigious award for Mainz cancer scientist ...

Old age care crisis in Germany: Are migrant care workers a suitable solution for state and families?

Completion of a three-year research project comparing long-term care of the elderly in Germany and the Netherlands / International conference on the long-term care crisis ...

Arms race between ant societies: Gene activity in defenders depends on invading slavemaking ants

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Defenders' behavior and brain gene activity reflects origin of attacking slavemakers ...

Honeybees' waggle dance no longer useful in some cultivated landscapes

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Social communication in bee colonies: Bees learn to evaluate the importance of information shared by waggle dances ...

New therapeutic approach to combat African sleeping sickness

Small inhibitor molecule inhibits parasitic enzyme / Novel concept could also be employed in the future rational design of drugs for the treatment of other diseases ...

Physicists analyze the rotational dynamics of galaxies and the influence of the mass of the photon

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Could the effect of photon mass on the gaseous components in galaxies be as strong as that of dark matter? ...

World's largest study confirms treatment success in minimally invasive Mitral Valve Surgery

Despite rapidly increasing intervention rates, the complication rate remains consistently low ...

New RMU project in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning

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Rhine-Main Universities Initiative Funding for Research supports the innovative DeCoDeML network of the universities of Mainz, Darmstadt, and Frankfurt ...

Dietary nanoparticulates impact gut microbiome

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Mainz University Medical Center uncovers new insights into the effects of food nanoparticles on the intestinal flora ...

New therapeutic concept controls pathogenic T cells relevant in multiple sclerosis

Scientists at the Mainz University Medical Center have discovered the potential of a typhoid vaccine for treatment of the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS) ...

Plant phytolith and water content influence rate of tooth enamel abrasion in vertebrates

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Scientists can reconstruct the feeding behavior and habitats of extinct vertebrates ...