International Funding Programs for Post-Doctoral Researchers

The support and funding of young scientists is one of the university's main tasks. The administrative research and technology transfer department informs the young scientists once they have been awarded their doctoral degree of funding opportunities and gives them advice on the application process.

Funding programmes and information for students can be found here. Graduates and postgraduates may find information regarding structured postgraduate courses on the portal for young academics.

The Human Frontier Science Program

The Human Frontier Science Program funds young scientists and international collaboration in the interdisciplinary life sciences. The focus is on innovative basic research, studying the complex mechanisms in living organisms. The subjects may range from molecular and cellular approaches to systems and cognitive neurosciences. Support is given primarily to projects that combine biology with approaches from physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer and engineering sciences to reveal radical new insights with regard to life sciences.

The HFSP has two lines of funding:

  1. Research Grants for interdisciplinary and international research teams. Amongst these is the Young Investigator Grant, specifically intended for post-doctorate young scientists.
  2. Individual fellowships for post-doctorate young scientists.

Current information on applications, the application procedure and guidelines can be found on the HFSP Homepage.