Cluster of Excellence Precision Physics, Fundamental Interactions and Structure of Matter (PRISMA+)

PRISMA+ is the follow-up application of the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Physics, Fundamental Interactions and Structure of Matter" (PRISMA), which was successful in the Excellence Initiative and has received funding since 2012. "We have succeeded in continuing to strengthen our position as one of the most prominent centers in particle and hadron physics in the world," said Professor Matthias Neubert from the JGU Institute of Physics, who is one of the Cluster's two spokespersons. "The long-term funding will allow us to make important contributions to research into the most exciting and pressing questions in the field of fundamental physics research." Professor Hartmut Wittig from the Institute of Nuclear Physics at JGU, the other spokesperson for the Cluster, summarized: "PRISMA+ is searching for new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. The experts have recognized our unique approach, which combines innovative precision measurements, in particular using the new on-campus accelerator MESA (Mainz Energy-recovering Superconducting Accelerator), with leading contributions to large-scale international experiments." Furthermore, the broad experimental program is supplemented by groundbreaking computational methods in theoretical physics. The Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP) augments this research by organizing workshops and a guest program for leading international physicists. The PRISMA Cluster of Excellence is well known in the city of Mainz, in particular for the public MITP lecture series Physics in the Theater in the Mainz State Theater and for the official Guinness World Record awarded for the world's largest magnetic ball accelerator achieved last year.

(Press release of Sept. 27, 2018)