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Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has succeeded in creating a prominent research profile via the wide range of specialist subjects it offers, focusing on the natural sciences (physics, chemistry), medicine (immunology, oncology) and humanities and social sciences (media sciences, cultural sciences through the ages and social and cultural sciences). Almost without exception, all the main, coordinated third-party-funded research projects can be found in these disciplines. Beyond this, a flexible and non-bureaucratic internal research system will ensure the development of new core areas.

The scope of the research facilities at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has been shaped by many different funding structures. The state-funded Research Centers and Research Units represent the main areas of research activity. Almost all the DFG, BMBF and EU-funded research groups can also be found in these areas. Emphasis is given to interdisciplinary collaboration on the appointed subjects in the so-called research platforms and working groups. These act as nuclei to aid the emergence of larger structures.

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