Practical Tips for EU Project Management

EU projects are funded through instruments. Depending on the instrument, the requirements on project management can be quite different. EU projects in Horizon require regular submission of the following documents:

Time Sheets / Declaration on a person working exclusively on a H2020 action

  • Staff members financed through an EU project must document their working hours.
  • You can either use time sheets (highly recommended) or, for staff exclusively working on the project, a declaration on a person working exclusively on a H2020 action.

Templates can be found in the download center. If you have any questions, please contact the EU-Office.

Activity and Management Reports

  • For each project there are contractually agreed reporting periods (see Article 20, Grant Agreement).
  • technical and financial reports must be compiled for every reporting period. Furthermore, project expenses within a reporting period must be documented in online-forms. The EU Participant Portal provides online tools for the compilation of these documents.
  • Financial reports are always completed, approved and signed in a coordinated process together with our Finance Office and the EU-Office.

The following is also provided in the download center:

  • General EU Commission Guidelines for Reporting.
  • A handbook for EU Project Management (by the Bundesarbeitskreis of EU liaison officers in collaboration with KOWI)

Audit Certificates (certificate on financial statements)

In Horizon 2020, projects that receive more than € 325,000 EU contributions (direct costs), must submit an audit certificate at the end of the project. At JGU this certificate is issued by an external auditor. Please contact the EU Office in due time to allow for proper preparation and coordination.